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Friday, May 21, 2010

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Vasantha Balan's 'Angadi Theru' may not be an entertainment film, but a hardcore reality about problems and pitiful lives of those salespersons, whom we meet often at textile showrooms.

T. Nagar, one of the prominently commercial areas of Chennai is well-known for its lavish showrooms, where everyone from a billionaire to a middle class family walks around. But Vasantha Balan's portrayal on other-side of T. Nagar is pretty mind-boggling.

The day-to-day problems of these salespersons, their humiliations and need to resist such cruelties of their bosses have been distinctly presented.

Hats off to Vasantha Balan for such a brilliant attempt of showcasing the realities that was till now an unknown mystery for Chennai people themselves. And if you're a Chennai guy, you must appreciate this filmmaker have bringing you such a realistic drama.

Jyothi Lingam (Magesh), a top-scorer at 12th STD in his school has to give up his dreams of joining engineering course when his father dies in a train accident at unmanned level crossing. When he turns to be the only hope of bread and butter for his family members, he takes up a job at a leading textile showroom in Chennai along with his friend Maarimuthu (Black Pandi) through an agent.

Their lives are devastated by miseries right from the first day of job. Girls are molested horribly by their floor managers when they are found to playing and chatting during work-time. Well for guys, they're beaten black and blue, ripped off their skins when something goes wrong. Your hearts would be drenched on witnessing how the agents employ staffs as they lookout for a person from terribly poor family, who has sisters to be supported, whose fathers have passed away.

Over therein showroom, Lingam meets Kani (Katradhu Tamizh fame Anjali), an boisterously playful girl, who has her unexpressive troubles and yet survives it. The story introduces as to various characters of other salespersons working in textile showroom, their love stories, happiness, tragedies and emotional quotients.

Say for instance, the way a strange person finds a job by cleaning public toilet is a good-shot of reality and humor as well. On pars, the lame man and his wife, their support for each other is a heart-binding effort by Vasantha Balan.Some scenes which may attack you sentimentally well.

Technically, the film scores brownie points on all aspects. Be it Richard’s cinematography, the musical scores of G.V. Prakash and Vijay Anthony, art direction by Muthuraj are awe-inspiring…

Dialogues by Jaya Mohan are powerful and fantastic. The song "aval appadi ondrum azhagillai" real classical mind blowing.

On the whole, 'Angadi Theru' is best to regarded as a reality drama that remains close to our hearts rather than calling it a cinema. If Vasantha Balan had trimmed down the duration by avoiding unwanted sequences, the film would have been pleasurable experience even for the miniscule audiences.

As of now, it will make high waves and Ayngaran International can take a deep breath with relaxation as they finally made it bigger after continuous flops in the past. Overall this is going to be a sucessful film for our notty heroine Anjali and young hero Magesh....

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